Be Deliberate

Have a plan. Execute your plan. But, you must choose to be ethical! See the Ten Commandments. Others may pretend to know what is best, to help guide you, but you yourself are the one who must choose your own actions.

Otherwise, when you let others control you, you give up control of your life to unknown, random, or evil forces. So, take responsibility for developing and remembering an outline for the course of your conduct. Be deliberate.

Often times, people try to steal another person's presumption of innocence, for their own selfish motives. Trump's adversaries might be the best example of this. For example, locker room banter is just what it is, unless your adversaries make false claims about it. They bear false witness through unproven accusations.

Will God help you? How would you know if you don't try asking him? But if you have sinned, it is common knowledge that you will need to repent to him. Many say it must be through Jesus Christ.

*Instructive quote: "Be yourself. Everybody else is taken." Oscar Wilde