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  • NIV Study Bible -includes dates, authorship, historical settings, themes, and more. themes, outlines (, videos often have a speed control
  • Sample of NIV Study Bible! (pdf), incl. Paul's letter to Romans: Highly applicable now
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    Gifts of Understanding, top selections, ~Spring 2021:

    3D-5D: Spirituality yields Ideas of Understanding, rather than reactions and retaliations.

    My God-given, acquired perspective of the 3D Human condition and social self defense. (An imperfect but somewhat refined exploration into finding the simple truth about 3D Human behavior.) This could help if fitting-in is hard, or if you are a bully's target or a bully.

    If things are difficult, there are many people who have testified to the power of God. There is even nuero-scientific evidence. (Ref "How God Changes Your Brain" Andrew Newberg, MD, 2009)

    Below are suggestions for various forms of help and ideas, update with Doug Billings_2021_04_26:

    Simon Parkes has unique life experiences and connections that have made him quite special. Yet he trys to be very humble. See his 'about' page.

    Important Life-Changing Revolutionary Mental Health Help. Dr Amen's Help:

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