Fundamental Life Lessons

Free People vs Control People:
People have a choice to share the lead, or to usurp it. Be careful where you tread. Watch out for usurpers and their naive minions.
The usurper's first mistake is to bear false witness against the possibility of the existence of God, because they deny that all people are equal under the law.
If God truely exists, and he loves you, wouldn't he give you freedom? Absolute freedom? No! The conditions are clear. Respect thy neighbor! (This includes Trump.) See Exodus 20.
1) 3 No other gods before me
2) 4 No making or bowing down to images of other god
(Who can guarantee they won't cause you to sin?)
3) 7 Do not misuse the name of the Lord.
4) 8 Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy. S 16:23!, Holy 3:5
5) 12 Honor your father and your mother
6) 13 You shall not murder
7) 14 You shall not commit adultry
8) 15 You shall not steal
9) 16 You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor
10) 17 You shall not covet ...
Note: 1-4 work to keep temptation at bay!

CONCEPT 1 to understand Government:
**conflicts of interest**
Government leaders come up with solutions to help everyone.
* They have bureaucracies that work with the private sector to come up with solutions.
* Then solutions for *policy and *spending are where **conflicts of interest** and **lobbyist deception** occurs.
* Lobbyist rules? Government Employees = Clients of Private Interest.

CONCEPT 1 to know how to Win:
**Structured Reasoning**
Basic Canonical Form 1;
1. Present your main claim.
2. Explain how your claim is supported.
3. List your supporting logic and or evidence.
4. Reiterate your main claim, and connect it to a bigger picture if, when, or as necessary.
*. This comes from combining of many educational books, and it works like magic in real life experience.