Fundamental Life Lessons

CONCEPT 1 to understand Government:
**conflicts of interest**
Government leaders come up with solutions to help everyone.
* They have bureaucracies that work with the private sector to come up with solutions.
* Then solutions for *policy and *spending are where **conflicts of interest** and **lobbyist deception** occurs.
* Lobbyist rules? Government Employees = Clients of Private Interest.

CONCEPT 1 to know how to Win:
**Structured Reasoning**
Basic Canonical Form 1;
1. Present your main claim.
2. Explain how your claim is supported.
3. List your supporting logic and or evidence.
4. Reiterate your main claim, and connect it to a bigger picture if, when, or as necessary.
*. This comes from combining of many educational books, and it works like magic in real life experience.