You can become powerful by your unique, independent self. But, first and above all else you must be peaceful. Except, of course, if you are under physical attack.
+If you think your government, influential people, or anyone is trying to control you or trying to ruin your life, you've come to the right place.
+First, be ethical, treat others with respect - when they treat you with respect, and be grateful to God, Your Creator
. Life empowers those who are ethical, and destroys those who are not. Be peaceful. Be ethical. Reference: The Ten Commandments, Exodus 20. Online. No one deserves honor when they treat you with disrepute. But we must keep open the possibility that destructive people will someday end their undermining, destructive ways.

Learn to evaluate things from your independent mind. Learn logic. Learn peace. People who chase economic interests without significant regard to ethics, respect, and The Creator, quite often become self-righteous, placing themselves above others, and become willing to sacrifice others. An example now, is how Big Pharma promotes their mRNA vaccines, placing profit over safety. Many also see the seizure of election processes as a partnership with Big Pharma: The Election Stealers use governmental power to enrich themselves, while Big Pharma bills these governments for the mRNA vaccines. Both of these enterprises keep the population in submission, particularly so with a pandemic facade to move to Mail-in voting.
**But we have to let courts do their job. In the U.S.A. we are watching perhaps the greatest miracle of its court system of all time!

Trust Your Unique Self and Your Creator.
+Ask probing questions when someone seems to act with impropriety, or when they seem to be asking for too much, including for placing blame.
+Ask God, by reading the Bible, for help with questions. Sometimes people share good understandings. Sometimes not.
+Go on walks and work with your hands as much as you can. Your brain and body will work better.
+Make decisions for yourself and be independent as much as possible.
+Avoid drugs, drinks, and food that make the brain function improperly and that cause severe withdrawals. Alcohol is notorious for causing people to place inordinate blame on others, including their own children.

+Question people who interpret the actions of other people for you. Ask the accused person for yourself. Beware that others might be captured by the false logic of others. For instance, consider how Big Media sells their version of truth to their political allegiance, and before then, to the most profitable bidder.
+Read the Bible for enlightment about ethics and when to bend the knee.
+Learn to be aware of other people's selfish motives. Everyone gets tempted by them. And, no one knows all of the motives and reasoning that go into your actions as well as you do. So, you must take time and as much due process as possible to defend yourself. Sometimes things happens fast, and you need to give calm, contemplative power to your own reflection of your motives, and to ask God, The Creator.
+Beware that a person might allege to know exactly why you did something, while really they have no idea, because they are only projecting from within themselves the reasoning for why they might have taken such actions. Prayer can help to find understanding.
+Learn how courts work. Note that lawyers and judges can be bought.

Life often involves rivalry and competition. A rival may develop a bad perception of you, or your actions, and may put you in a bad light, rather than discussing the motives behind your unique, or questionable actions. A rival may not have your best interests in mind, may not be interested in finding and promoting your rights and dueful respect. Sometimes for their own self-interest. Doesn't it look like this is what may have happened to Trump?
+ Surely, some people thrive on knocking others down for self-agrandizement, or even for profit. +Try to be of value to your friends and to society. Then surely you will be righteous! +A very large number of Humans believe that spirituality renders ideas of understanding, rather than reactions and retaliations.