Assess things in life by your own logic. MSM sells their narrative to the highest bidder.

Who should you trust?
Ask probing questions.
Ask friends and God for help with questions and interpreting answers.
Trust has many levels.

Go on walks and work with your hands as much as you can. Your brain and body will work better.
Make decisions for yourself and be independent as much as possible.

Challenge people who interpret actions for you. Beware of second-hand recordings -possible alterations

Read the Bible for enlightment of how to live a better life.

Learn to be aware of other people's selfish motives. We all have them. And, no one knows all of the motives and reasoning that go into your actions as well as you do. Someone will allege to know exactly why did something, and really have no idea. Prayer can help find understanding.
Learn how courts work. Lawyers and judges can be bought.

Often, the most important survival-coping situations in life involve rivalry, or competition. A rival may develop a bad perception of you, or your actions, and may find a way to put you in a bad light, rather than discussing the motives behind your unique, or questionable actions. A rival will not have your best interests in mind, may not be interested in finding and promoting your value to your friends and to society. Surely, some people thrive on finding a way to knock someone down for agrandizement, or maybe even for profit.